The Secret

With this assignment of creating a consumer behavior blog, my awareness for the entailing trends, marketing, and advertising, has become extremely heightened. This blog itself has become its own object of my observations and lessons in consumer behavior. I found myself at times thinking “that could be a really cool topic for a blog post”. I in turn became much more aware of my actions as a consumer, and analyzed often how I interpreted advertising and products that I encountered. The book and short film, The Secret, talk about laws of attraction, and how when you think of something continuously and thoroughly you subconsciously act in ways that allow that thought to become a reality. It essentially suggests that your mind is in control of a lot more than you think possible, and throws luck to the wind on some level. In reality however, once you buy into all of that, it boils down to you being more aware of that thing that you’re continuously and thoroughly thinking about. When you hear people saying things like “Ever since that day, I always look at the clock at 9:11, it’s the weirdest thing!”, that is a perfect example. You look at the clock just as often at 8:51 every day, but 8:51 isn’t a significant number that makes you aware that you’re viewing it every day. I believe that this is what has happened to me this semester after writing this blog.

This blog has become somewhat of an addiction to me. Too often I find myself taking a break from my Business Law studies because I’m itching to write about the idea I thought of earlier in the day. After taking a step back today, during my study break coincidentally, I decided to write about myself and how I am now under the magnifying glass, analyzing my own consumer behavior. As consumers we are prone to find comfort in tradition, routine, and personal satisfaction. This class on consumer behavior has brought to my attention my interest in scrutinizing not only my personal interaction with every day products and marketing, but the general consumer as well. Basically, at the start I fell victim to the teachings of The Secret. I would be caught off guard, often thinking that these objects of consumer behavior were oddly becoming more prevalent in my life, more than before I took this class. My itch to write about my reflections was likely more of an underlying passion for the topic of a consumer, and essentially myself. As I snapped out of my Adderol induced study craze today however and found myself staring at a blank blog post, that underlying passion yelled at me in a way and said that these observations aren’t more prevalent in my life since I’ve started this class, I’m more aware of them.

I’ve taken some valuable lessons away from this blog. The teachings in consumer behavior, my newly acquired awareness of marketing schemes and advertising messages, and my now analytical buyer behaviors all aside. The most important lesson I have taken away from this blog is my passion for the topic. With a marketing internship in London with TNS lined up for this summer, I hope that I can expand and explore on this new interest of mine. The point of this post is essentially a dissection of my consumer behavior. Partaking in a class assignment can turn into much more than an A or a B in the class. I encourage any readers of this to take a step back and look at the things you subconsciously include in that daily routine of yours, or the thoughts that consistently make their way into your thought process on a frequent basis. Consumer behavior is not just a break down of how people behave in certain situations, it can also be what you, and they, take away from something. For a while, what you take away from an event, advertisement, or a small purchase at the convenience store, may stay secluded in the back of your mind for a duration, but if there is an underlying passion for that lesson learned, it will make itself known at some point. For me, that moment just happened as I opened up a blank blog post in my obsessed trance like state of mind.


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