Pump up the volume!

Apple has revolutionized the ways we listen to music and entertain ourselves on the go. The Apple iPod is a technological paragon that has become a regular household item for our generation. When it was first introduced, the iPod put Walkman’s and personal CD players to shame, and the old clunky MP3 players in contempt. A walk on a college campus or a heavily populated city is a great chance to observe how many people are walking around to their own beats, with those well known white ear buds protruding from their pocket or backpack. As the generations of iPods have continued to improve, the original creation with the rotating wheel has now taken many forms that allow for discreteness, with the Shuffle, or for more technologically suave folk that enjoy touch screens with a sleek look. The iPod has become an item that is no longer limited to auditory pleasure, but is now capable of playing movies to keep the kids quite on the road trips to Florida, or the business man occupied during that three hour flight to NYC.

Apple has marketed around this project in ways that are highly beneficial to themselves. Working in tandem with the iPod, Apple iTunes is the sole operating program to customize your iPod, and add music and other media to your personal device. In addition to this, when you purchase music from iTunes, it comes in its own MP4 formatting so as to prevent people from putting Apple’s music on other MP3 players, and also so that they can control the customers from handing out the media to friends and family. Disguised as a convenience to it’s customers, to appear as easy to use as well as cheap for its value, this is actually more beneficial to Apple because as you buy their music, you are in turn almost forced to purchase an iPod if you want to take it on the go. This is never really a topic of complaints though for most people because the iPod is superior to all of its competitors, and has enough variety in its models to satisfy the needs and wants of its consumers.

The iPod is the leader in the market of personal music players. As its sales continue to rise, its creators continue to come out with new versions, and better technology to bring its original users happy, and its new users happy with their purchases. Having transformed the way we listen to music, Apple has put themselves on the leader board again, and have continued to out-do themselves time and time again. With the Sony Walkman being a thing of the past, one can’t help but wonder what will be next for the music junkie’s and technology buff’s. With sales of the iPod continuing to rise, it is reasonable to believe that you will only start to see more of those white ear buds on your walk to class.


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