Play me a song, Piano Man

The Piano Man at the Neon Cactus in the levy is a one of a kind performer that I honestly don’t think I could get tired of. From the moment he sits down on his piano bench, he is lively, witty, and flawless in his performance. I recently got to watch him for the first time this past saturday when my fraternity went there as a group for all of the 21 year olds and their mothers. At the start of his show, he makes it clear that he will show no mercy to anyone, and that participation is a must if you would like to stay in his bar area. Being a “newcomer” I was allowed to request a song and have it played. After requesting the popular and well liked Elton John song, Tiny Dancer, I was made fun of for my light blue shirt, and asked to give up my man card for my song choice. Knowing that it was all in good fun I played along, and thoroughly enjoyed his performance of the classic hit I requested.

The atmosphere that the Piano Man creates is more than I ever could have expected. The room literally becomes packed with every stool and chair occupied, and foot room becomes hard to find. His song list is seemingly never ending, and that’s just the piano play list. He is also very well versed on the guitar, and does not disappoint by any means with that incredible play list either. The crowd participation feels as though you have payed to see a world renown artist that has been playing since your grandmother could walk. It is a general understanding that if you interact with the Piano Man himself, he will likely find something about you to make fun of in a completely joking manner.

If you’re ever looking for something to do on a night that you want to go out, especially a thursday night, I highly recommend this one of a kind performer. At the price of free, you truly cannot beat the show that you witness. I can only imagine that his contract with the Cactus is worth millions, because he is nothing short of an tourist attraction to anyone in the area. If they owners and managers of The Cactus are smart, they will never let this man out of their sight, because the revenue’s that he must generate for them have to be astronomical. Play me a song, you’re the Piano Man, has a whole new meaning to this fan. Bravo.


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