Lenny’s Sub Shop

One of the most recent additions to the Chauncey Hill Mall’s food line up has left me in awe with its sub par operations. Lenny’s Sub Shop, located right next to Taco Bell and Hookah!, is missing out on a great opportunity for success. With its location being where it is, most of the businesses in that area utilize the bar scene and take advantage of it by staying open at least an hour post bar closing time. I was unpleasantly surprised when I walked by Lenny’s the other night at 11 p.m. only to see the lights turned off, and all of the chairs nicely turned up-side down on top of the tables. I’m not claiming to be a genius or a market expert, but what rock are the owners living under? Everybody knows that drunk people carelessly spend money, especially on cheap delicious items such as subs. This is all overlooking their poor layout, which I’ll get to in a minute. Surely the three or four employee’s you would need to hire to operate the business would not be a loss to you, because you’re almost guaranteed to sell the 15 subs you would need to in order to make up for the extra 3 hours that you’re open. Even if you weren’t getting as much business as Five Guys (see previous post, great place) or Taco Bell, the advertising and name brand that you can get from operating during those peak hours of Chauncey are more than worth it in their own light. Personally I believe that Lenny’s is just making a huge mistake by missing out on such a great opportunity for better profits.

The second thing that bugs me about Lenny’s is their layout for ordering. In the unlikely situation of Lenny’s getting a large crowd, due to their hours, the awkwardness of their ordering “station” is poorly placed. Right next to all of the tables, a long line would have no good place to form. In addition to this Lenny’s could reduce one register by simplifying their line up, and possibly even operate with one less employee. Why not take a page from every other fast food place, and either make the register where you place your order be where you pay as well, or place your order with the people making your food, THEN pay for it? When you walk in, you walk to a register where you order, and then they enter it into a register that then prints out a receipt that simply has what your order is on it. Then, while you’re ordering your sub, since there is no reason to be in that line watching them, most people would use this time to fill up their drinks, but the pop machine is inconveniently placed away from the line up causing customers to get out of line, cause a jumble at the fountain, and then walk over to pay. Maybe this all has a rhyme and reason that I’m missing out on, but doesn’t it seem like a waste of paper and machinery to have two registers, only one of which you pay at? And couldn’t the pop machine maybe be placed in a location that is en-route to you obtaining your meal and paying for your order?

In the big picture, I simply believe that Lenny’s is missing out on a lot of opportunity to improve their efficiency. Hours of operation are one of, if not the most, important things to consider when first opening a business. The efficiency of your layout should be considered of high priority as well so you can improve turn around on orders, as well as serve more customers in a timely fashion. Maybe Lenny’s is using the scarcity technique, thinking that people will value their subs more since they can only have them 12 hours of the day, but you would think that the owners and managers would realize the window of opportunity that is wide open, almost as if its a doorway. A little more market research and development around their target market could prove astronomically beneficial to Lenny’s Sub Shop. As an avid lover of sub sandwiches, I hope that they some day realize these large flaws in the performance of their establishment.


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