A night at the cinema

A date night at the movie theatre, or a family night to see the newest flick, is more detrimental to the pocket book these days than it used to be back in the day. In the years of the great depression back in the 20’s, a ticket to the movie’s cost around 27 cents, and in the 60’s around $1. Those were the days. Today, if you were to take the wife and two kids to see the newest Nickelodeon film, you can expect to throw down the plastic for no less than $45 or $50, and that’s if you’re all reaching over each other to share a large popcorn and fountain drink. Now, in order to get that buttery bliss known as popcorn that goes hand in hand with seeing a movie, you’ll have to spend around $5. However, be ready to answer that annoying ploy from the theatre employee when they say “Would you like to get the next size up for just 25 cents more?”, as they hold up the two sizes in an attempt to reach into your inner child and quench that true desire for more. And never once can you truly look at the size difference between a small and medium and not be a little pissed off at how a small is literally the size of your hand, and then bitterly reach into your change pouch as you give in to their corrupt marketing scheme. In theory, it’s ingenious, but on the other hand it’s cruel how they manipulate you into buying the next size up on everything.

The days of low prices and 25 cent Coke bottles are long gone. We now live in an age of Mastercards, American Expresses, and Visa’s, because no one ever carries enough cash to indulge in a majority of life’s luxuries. Movies just being an example, a night on the town with the wife and kids has become something that you have to budget and factor in to your monthly spending. For those on a tight spending limit, saying no to your innocent 5 year old as they beg you with their watery baby blue eyes to take them to see the new Sponge Bob Square Pants movie has just become your biggest nightmare. A reply of “I’m sorry kiddo, I have to save up so I can send you to college some day” is sadly enough now a viable response to their kicking and screaming. It’s either that, or you frantickly skim the Sunday morning coupon ads for a deal of a lifetime to the local cinema. Thank God for movie rentals and DVD players. Although it may be 2 months after it came out on the big screen, there is still an option to save the day, and save your reputation as a father.


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