John Mayer

The birthday weekend was a success and was filled with excitement and entertainment the whole way through. This past saturday a few of my friends joined me in the celebration, as about twelve of us traveled up to Chicago for the last stop on John Mayer’s tour. Nothing short of spectacular, John Mayer brought the music to the stage and his fans were lit up for all 3 hours that he played without hiatus. Any true fan could reasonably, and precisely say that John Mayer is one of the greatest musicians of our generation.

Concerts are a well planned production that is aimed to grab new listeners, entertain the old ones, and hopefully drop all jaws. This one did just that. Opening up with a transparent curtain around the stage and a short film projected on it, the crowd roared as he began to play the first song from his latest album Battle Studies. Seeing the United Center packed to its gills, you can’t hold back the goose bumps for long once you realize the show that is about to be put on. A day in the life of John Mayer would be ridiculously overwhelming. A ticket that I bought in October for $90, which had me just off the center of the floor, right of stage, could have been sold on stub hub for around $600 in the week prior to the concert. Just imagining having that amount of publicity, loyal fans, and true admirers is beyond invigorating.

The masses that come from states away to see a human being perform on a stage is a true indicator that we are reliant on entertainment. As John Mayer said towards the end of his show, a 70 plus person crew is the amount that it took to keep him on the road throughout his tour. Long before John Mayer himself, his crew would be at each venue before sunrise, and would not leave until the last speaker wire is wound up well after midnight. All of this, for a performance that 20,000 fans can call the best one they’ve seen to date. John Mayer is an icon for our generation, and I am extremely lucky to have been able to see him in concert, along with the other 19,999 obsessed fans this past weekend.


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