It’s the simple things in life

One of my biggest aspirations for my life is to create an invention that is incredibly simple, but have it become a necessity in every day lives. For sake of example, bottled water is a convenience item that is purchased and consumed on a regular basis by families all over the world. Items like this are mind boggling to me. The fact that no one created it before the person that did is incredible, it’s so simple. Taking a substance that is needed for the survival of our human race, and any other life form for that matter, and just making it portable seems so simple. If I were to guess, I’d say that the person that invented bottled water didn’t even create the bottle himself. My assumption would be that he had the idea, then went to a plastics company after he had the idea secured, and had them produce him a bottle made out of plastic. An idea that makes millions upon millions a year.

This follows closely with a marketing technique that is a large key to success. Take an existing product, and make it something new; aka create a niche. People are on the go day in and day out, and you can’t take your kitchen sink with you to stay hydrated! The person that invented bottled water did not by any means come up with the idea of transporting the liquid, they just made it easier and more practical. It’s relieving consumers of a burden that can make a product sell. Who wants to carry a canteen, or an non-disposable water bottle around after its empty? When there is nothing around to fill it up, there is no use for it, its simply taking up space and is dead weight. Providing them with a cheap alternative, with purified water, is ingenious. A better product, that comes at little cost, and that has a benefit that is worth the spending. It was an invention that was sure for success since its conception. I can only hope that some day I will have the life changing idea, such as this one, that will make me millions.


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