In light of my previous post, a commonly used search engine intrigued my interest and sparked my thinking. Google incorporated could arguably be one of the most simple multi billion dollar ideas that we have seen in our life times. It revolutionized the way we search the internet as we know it. Internet browsers come standard in a lot of cases with the google search bar embedded in the top corner of its window. When you think about it, you have to tip your hat to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the creators of the search engine.

One of the most impressive things to me is the simplicity of Google’s name. Six simple letters that are now known world wide, and used by millions of people every day, sometimes multiple times a day. As America’s top search engine, its incredible how the plain white page has evolved. I believe that it’s simplicity is key to their success. Their name is easy to remember. That is VITAL to gaining the share of the market in almost every industry. If you have a name that people remember over your competitors, you’re on turn 2 before your opponent is rounding the 1st. Another reason for their success is the work that it does for you. Every consumer loves it when they can sit back and have their work done for them. Type in what you’re searching for, and Google will throw back the most relivant results to make things easier for you. Online shopping is easier than ever before with Google. You type in what you want, and it lines up different prices from different websites within seconds, all so YOU benefit. This is all only magnified by one of their best secret weapons. IT’S FREE! Everybody loves free. Why would you pay for an AOL account, or another service, when you can create a gmail account for free that allows you to chat with your contacts when they are online, share documents with them, create groups, load photo’s, and many more things? No reasonable person should, it’s a serious waste of money.

Google is sure to only get better from what we know it as currently. Just a few weeks ago they were setting out to find a test population for their new internet service that is supposedly 400 times faster than any internet that we know today. How that is possible is beyond me, but I can only imagine and expect that the pages will load before I can finish clicking the button with those kinds of numbers. What an incredible company.


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